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It started in 1960 and has a fairly long and interesting career. During the course in showbiz, Mariachi Latino have accompanied famous artists such as Paquita la del Barrio, Vicente Fernandez, Jenni Rivera, Carmen Jara, Pablo Montero and music icons like Juan Gabriel and Joan Sebastian.

Mariachi Latino was formed by Jose Cervantes, with eight talented musicians and enormous charisma that always draws attention to the people. Jesus Caratachea, Fernando Delgado, Mario Cervantes, Salvador Solis, Juan Cervantes, Mario Tobar, Miguel Cervantes, and Gabriel Cervantes are men of great courage who walk across America playing their instruments and touching the hearts of thousands through Mriachi’s music.

Whether on television, live events or private events, the public is always satisfied. No doubt, talent and service Mariachi Latino has given through the years has attributed them the respect and affection of the public gaining a reputation as one of the best Mariachi who walked this world.

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